Steady Betty Pro 13in x 17in

Master the art of pressing with the Newly designed Steady Betty PRO. Our Pro boards are lightweight, portable, and made from our special Steady Betty fabric. The new Steady Betty Pro boards are designed to hold fabric in place for a precise outcome. Because of its unique qualities the surface remains at a comfortable temperature even when using a hot dry iron or steam. Each board has the perfect amount of cushioning and firmness creating excellent results. Each Steady Betty board is reversible, and designed for pressing as well as gripping the surface giving you complete stability. The Unique core construction creates a barrier between the pressing surface and the table preventing steam from going through the board. Designed and built in the USA from quality materials and workmanship by the Steady Betty family.

* Color: Gray
* Made of: Polyester Foam/Metal
* Use: Pressing Board
* Size 13in x 17in