The Forgiving Quilt

Ann Hazelwood's first novel in the East Perry County Series. After the death of her husband brings out hurtful secrets, Kate Meyr strikes out to cleave her life from his. She vows to restore the property he left her in Borna, Missouri, and sell it, but the longer Kate stays in town, the harder she finds it to leave. Her life becomes even more embroiled in Borna when she discovers a mysterious quilt in her new home. Haunted by the quilt's past, Kate is also troubled by several terrifying occurrences. Somebody wants to take the property from her. Will Kate let their horrifying tactics run her out, or will she stand her ground? Find out in this novel of self-discovery, forgiveness, and courage.

* Pages: 348
* Author: Ann Hazelwood
* Publish Date: 12/17/2015
* Dimensions: 5.5in x 0.72in x 8.5in
* Softcover