Tiered Strip Skirt - Diana Pineapple Pack Pattern


Make a classic Tiered Skirt to fit anyone from a young girl to a woman with curves with this pattern instruction sheet (digital download). Start by taking 2 quick measurements and follow an easy cutting chart. One or 2 Diana Pineapple Packs provides enough fabric for any quilter’s detour into apparel sewing. See the chart below to determine if you need 1 or 2 Diana packs to complete your skirt. From the left column below, find your hip measurement, rounding up to the nearest number. In the Tier length boxes, find your skirt length measurement rounding up to the nearest number. The longer the skirt, the more tiers you add.

For example, if your hip measurement is 38”, round to 40”. If you want your skirt to be 30” long, follow the cutting guide to include 6 tiers because it finishes to 32 1/2” long. The more tiers you add, the longer the skirt will be. Determine how many Diana Precut Packs you need.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner