Zipper Pull Installer

Say goodbye to fumbling with zipper tapes and struggling to attach zipper pulls - this innovative tool streamlines the process for unmatched efficiency. Crafted from durable HDPE, this tool boasts a robust construction designed to withstand frequent use. Its standout feature? A metal zipper pull holder with a unique tapered shape, capable of accommodating multiple sizes of zipper pulls with ease. No more hunting for the right size - this tool has you covered. But that's not all. We've equipped this tool with a no-slip material base on the zipper pull, ensuring it stays firmly in place during installation. With the zipper pull secured, you can now utilize both hands to effortlessly slide the zipper tape onto the pull, saving you time and frustration.

* Made of: HDPE and Metal
* Size: 3in x 5in
* Use: Installing zipper pulls onto tape