Quilt Pattern On A Roll Wide Waves 9 1/2in x 26'

The Quilt Pattern on a Roll is white and made of paper.  It comes 9.5" wide x 26 feet long.  To calculate how many feet of Stipples Made Easy pattern you will need to quilt your whole top, divide the length of your quilt top, in inches, by 9.5".  Round decimals up to get the number of strips you will need.  Multiply the number of strips by the width of your quilt top, in inches, then divide by 12 to get how many feet of pattern you will need.  Each roll is 26 feet long.  Requires a darning foot or free-motion foot.  These patterns are a great learning tool for beginning quilters and eliminates the stress of thinking about which direction to quilt next to avoid crossing over or working into a corner.  You don't need to stay on the line to get great results.  Use as an all-over quilting pattern.